Purchase shoes and clothes used in Valencia

Purchase of shoes and used clothing

We are a Valencian company that performs social work. Our company, AMK Ouardani Textile Recoveries is located in the city of ONTINYENT, province of Valencia. We are big exporters to countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe specialized in buying shoes and used clothing among others.​


Get money recycling - If you're an association, and you want to sell used clothing, we'll buy it for you.


We buy clothes from Associations without Courage, so that they can obtain a way of financing their social activities by organizing collection campaigns for used clothing. Contact us and we inform you.


We also buy clothes in schools or AMPAS, organizing clothing collections to finance improvements in schools. In the case of associations of mothers and fathers of students, we organize collections of clothes so that in this way the purchase of school material for a given course is financed.


At AMK Ouardani Textile Recoveries we do not sell clothing to private individuals (we are not a store).


Everything we collect goes to export to countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, so we ask that the clothes be reused. That it is not all broken, stained with paint or bleach or any other product that hinders its use, etc.).


Visit us and check the quality of our services.

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