Collection of used toys in Valencia

Collection of used toys

In our company in Valencia, AMK Ouardani Textile Recoveries, we offer a great collection service for used toys. We collect, select and recycle all kinds of toys, and then export them to countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, places where there are thousands of children who do not have the resources to buy toys and thanks to our work, they can enjoy, year after year, of all the toys that we recycle.


We are based on the defense of the right to play established by the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and we promote:

  • Raise awareness among children about the importance of sharing, through donation to other children, their own toys.
  • Hold responsibility for the care of toys, so that they can have a longer lifespan and be enjoyed by other children.
  • Promote education in values through work with the family, donation of toys (selection of toys, assessment of their status, reparation where appropriate…).
  • If you are an Association, contact us and we will inform you.

Call us and we will explain what our work consists of.

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